Spotlight Denmark

The best of two worlds. Be a part of a unique hybrid – exposing a Danish company for the Danish and Swedish market at the same time! 


Do you want more details?
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How is it done?

You get listed on Spotlight as a Danish company.  We have put together a package that gives a company both trading
and visibility in two markets. Offering Danish startups not only to Danish investors but also to investors from the high liquid
Swedish market. We are not leaving anyone behind!

The offer

Guidance and support

During your time on Spotlight, you will always have the opportunity to call us and ask for guidance and support.

Visibility package

Spotlight's visibility package includes all the essentials a listed company need. It includes services to send press releases (Cision), news agency distribution (MarketWire) and analyst's coverage (Affärsvärlden). We understand that being visible will not only promote a company’s business it will also have a large effect on investors wanting to trade the share.

Trading and Liquidity

Just like our peers Spotlight's trading is largely driven by retail investors. The biggest players are Nordnet and Avanza which stand for over 80% of the trading. Being listed at Spotlight you will make sure that these two players have access to trade your share.

Investor Relations page

Investors and potential investors want to know all about your company. Being able to follow the share is essential for all. We offer all our listed companies an investor relation page. The best part is that it will show on your website as well.